When Pearlie and I moved to Colorado over a year ago after leaving Nashville, my hometown, our motivation was to live in a city/state that had a lot to explore and enjoy. And that’s exactly what we’ve done. We dig our home. The kids have now spent as much of their life in Colorado as they did in Tennessee. The downside to moving anywhere and away from a city is leaving people. We have many friends that we think of often and talk to or see occasionally. It is for different though than living in the same city. We left family too. Pearlie’s sister and her family lived only a few miles from us. The cousins would now have to wait and see each other less often and catch up with each others lives via the phone and internet.

My parents too are from Nashville and when we talked about moving to Colorado, I for sure saw the sadness in their eyes. The grandchildren they had dreamed for along with us were now not going to be in their daily lives. Or were they. Turns out, as I look back and remember, my parents talked fondly of Colorado long before it was on our radar. So only 4 months after we moved in Feb. 2010, my parents moved right along too in May. The kids so love their their Papaw and Nana. Their other set of grandparents, Lolo and Lola, we knew would never leave South Florida, so they are the “visit grandparents”. You know the kind that you talk to on the phone for holidays and birthdays, and then meet up with on vacation to catch up with and enjoy. But my parents just so happen to get the “Go West Bug” when we did, and boy are we, as a family happy they did.