Here’s a quick update to my blogger buddies on Mateo (Carlos Daniel) and Kaia (Daniela Alejandra):

Mateo – last I heard, is still waiting for “repaired” BC before he can get submitted back into PGN :(

Kaia – has been in PGN since April 7 :)

Yes, the possibility of getting Kaia before Mateo could actually occur. Honestly, part of me wants it the other way but that is in a perfect Jeff controlled world which really despite how cool I think that would be, YA’LL DON’T WANT THAT!….and actually neither do I. So they come when they come!

(before)    (after)

So we are continuing to work on the house and getting it ready. Here’s a picture of the kid’s bath (almost complete). There appears to be more to do than I thought. If God has been waiting for me to get my butt in gear relating to preparing for the kids to come then, “Here ya go God.” Motivation comes in many “shapes and sizes” for me.

We got this picture a couple of weeks ago from Claire and just love it. It was cool to see them together and I must say Mateo is looking less and less like a baby and more like a little boy….love the arm around little sis! Kaia has her usual big eyes and deep stare…she looks like she’s almost on the edge of laughter in many of her pictures. But nothing compares to her poopy face.

Pearlie and I are both doing well as life continues to move with or without the kids here. It has gotten easier to just miss them and be cool with that and move on. Obsessions and compulsions relating to what ifs and whys concerning these two little one’s adoption are poison and truly conflict with my serenity and ability to surrender to God’s will in all my affairs.




Those 3 things are my solution today. My wife loves me for that. My employer digs it. My family and friends vibe it. And God is ALL over it. The more I stay in the solution the smaller my problems appear. And that friends is not just related to adoption, it’s about life and living it with some principles.

And lastly, here’s something fun from You-Tube a friend sent to me, so I’ll pass it on for you to enjoy too.  Can’t wait to read your updates soon. Only 4 more months until I’m 40, WOW, I’m old!

“an update story”


There once was a little boy named Mateo → Mateo - April 2008,
And man was he ever cute.
He had the smiles → mateo basketball - april’08, and the grins → mateo basketball grin - april’08,
But so unfortunately, it couldn’t keep him
From getting the da boot!.
“Mean PGN”…they are the cause
Of all the frustration and many of the stalls.                                                   
Yet growing mateo is still growing. He weighs 22.14 pounds and is 28.4 inchs tall
He’s “smiling and healthy”,
And it looks like he’ll be the 1st Guatemalan to play professional basketball → .
As for Kaia → , she’s still in PGN, not yet given the da boot!,
It’s just a matter of time though, no matter how hard we root.
She’s recently had a cold, although she seems happy here → ,
It’s probably because basketball is for her to play , not just to cheer .
That’s right folks she may now be only 12.5 pounds and 25 inches tall,
But watch out for Kaia , there is a good chance she is a future LADY VOL.
 and ‘s update is now done.
I hope you found the story informative, but most of all fun.
These 2 little kids, we are so in love with and miss.
So cute and adorable, them both I wish I could kiss.
I pray for the day, our kids are here and the updates are from home,
But the truth of the matter is, these children are from God, and only ours on loan.

Peace/Acceptance/Joy/and Love to you all!!!
Rock On…except if your a Jayhawk fan, because it’s Tarheels all the way in NCAA mens basketball. 

john 13:7


Spiritual awakenings…I dig ’em…and it appears they usually occur for me in hindsight.

It’s true, as I look back on my day, my week, my past, my life, I see this and Jesus knew I would be experiencing these times…looking back…not with shame or regret, but willingness to learn, humility, and growth. Check it out for yourself – John 13:7

Jesus looked at him (Peter) and said, Right now you don’t understand why I’m doing this, but after I’m gone you will.

                                                                                                       – The Clear Word Bible

I’m in the process of putting my print photos into digital form and finding some means to organize and store them, I came across these photos and had to share. I love my wife, Pearlie, and I love that we have so many GREAT memories of our courtship and marriage. Our life together started out at Southern College…now Southern Adventist University, and my best friend and I will have been together 19 years in December.

jeff’s southern ids     picnic with pearlie wearing a bowtie     pearlie’s southern ids


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